Website Overhaul

Scott Harshbarger | Sep 25, 2016

For those of you not following along on Facebook, Twitter, or the Kickstarters, you may want to keep tabs on us there, but I'll commit to making a better effort at updating the website here as well. Sorry about the long silence here. My bad.


Promised Sands Kickstarter:

ElfWood Kickstarter:

Website Cleanse and Update

Today was filled with a plethora of little lessons in web design as I went through the MODX Manager and updated what I could get to. I am still planning some more clean-up, some updates that require some editing and graphic design work I couldn't squeeze in today, and potentially a broad stroke or two here or there to bring a new look. What was accomplished was cleaning and bringing most of the pages up to date, including the Company pages (About, Contact, and Submissions) and the Product pages (all of them). More coming on that front, but I'm relatively pleased with what was accomplished today.

And remember: the doorways to adventure are only locked to those who lack the key to open them.


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