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Prophecies from a wide variety of cultures and worldviews culminate in the daily headlines - yet daily life seemingly continues unhindered and few seem to notice. Most persist in moving further from Truth and Light even. The veil has thinned and torn.  Horrors crawl from the hidden places - the cracks between dimensions - to creep into the mortal realm and prey upon unsuspecting souls. These Darklings dominate and seduce. They manage, populate, and rule corporations, governments, and organizations. The end is not only nigh, it is rapidly approaching! The Final Battle is imminent, and like it or not, you have been Called. Put on your armor, choose your weapons, and prepare to meet the Enemy! Every soul you deny them is one less that has to be fight in the Final Battle.

The Alley

"I saw another one today. He wore his placard like protective armor. It read: The End Is Nigh! Poor, crazy sod. He doesn't even realize that it's right at his feet."

Want to Know More?

There is so much more to Tribulum, and more information will be revealed as we move toward production. In the meantime, please have a look around the site and be sure to follow at both Facebook and Twitter for first hand access to all the latest news and happenings at Harsh Realities!

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