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Sixcess Core is your doorway to great and memorable adventures. Gather your friends, create interesting characters and explore a myriad of worlds and settings. This is just the beginning of countless and boundless exploits. Create your own gameworlds or delve into one of ours. There are no limits!

  • 24 Races from fantasy,sci-fi, horror - and beyond!
  • Quick, easy, detailed character generation
  • Backgrounds, Edges, Flaws, Qualities to flesh out your characters
  • Flexible, robust Attribute + Skill system
  • Comprehensive power generation system (Magic/Psionics/Chi/Miracles/Etc.)
  • Vehicle rules, unique materials, expansive bestiary and much more!


Quick Start Rules

This is your toolkit for building your own setting, genre mash-up, enjoying a massive campaign or just a night with your friends.

Sixcess Core has been used at over 150 events at Gen Con (2012 and 2013), as well as numerous other conventions. The feedback has been extremely positive all around.

Dragon Dogfight

New settings are being released and additional settings are planned: 

Sixcess is strongly supported and establishing a new fan-base. 

So what's your appetite for awesome? Come and get it!

Nighttime Post Apoc


Want to Know More?Sixcess Logo

Sixcess is so much more than what you see above. It truly is versatile, universal, and powerful. In fact, we have plans to put out many varied settings, both twisted/wonky takes on traditional genre and genre-bashed, as well as a full range of power and play levels from modern to supers and even other tabletop simulations!

If you would like to know more, please have a look around the site, or the Sixcess Core Kickstarter page, check out our current Kickstarter if you like, and then come by to visit us at Facebook and Twitter for first hand access to all the latest news and happenings at Harsh Realities!

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