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StarDust establishments spread throughout the Fringe soon after it was discovered by the original pioneers. They serve as casinos and other forms of entertainments, docking bays, fuel depots, hotels, information hubs, mechanical services, ports, trade depots, way stations, and so much more. A StarDust is sometimes the only glimpse of civilization a 'Byssrider gets, and often enough the only home they will ever know. A StarDust looks mighty bright against the infinite darkness of the 'Byss.

Within moments of first contact with the Fringe the standing empires and governments began laying claim to the unbound bounty of the Fringe. None of them truly have the resources to actually conquer its vastness, but truth and reality were never barriers to greed and ambition. Once settled it did not take long for fledgling governments within the Frigne to rise up with their own claims to personal freedoms and the right to self-rule. This was met with smug grins and elitist contempt at first, but once the resolve of these Fringers was witnessed any lingering mirth was instantly sucked from the situation. Fleets were issued to the borders of the Fringe, but escalation soon followed as each entity pressed for gains in the Fringe. The resources of the Fringe remain contested as a lawless void of space is fought over while the Fringers who have claimed the Fringe as their home struggle for survival against brigands boosters, outlaws, pirates, and even the ancient remnants of those who came before, as well as those sponsored by corporate and governmental powers.

Axo, Cnidar, and Human alike must stand for themselves in the rough and tumble of the Fringe. Carving out a life with a singleship or defending a homestead with little but a Mexa for company is no easy or simple task. Many look into the vastness of the 'Byss and never come back. Campfire talk tells of such things when ruminating upon the origins of the boosters - driven crazified by the 'Byss itself. Any Doc will confirm such notions are nonsensical though. There must be more to that tale. Many have been out in the 'Byss and come back whole-minded.

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There is so much more to StarDust, and more information will be revealed as we move toward production. In the meantime, please have a look around the site and be sure to follow at both Facebook and Twitter for first hand access to all the latest news and happenings at Harsh Realities!

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