Sixcess (6S)

Doorways to Aventure!Sixcess (6S) Core Book Cover

The doorway to adventure requires a key, fortunately 6S is the key to every doorway and every adventure!

Join with your gaming group, as either Player or Game Master, to undertake infinite adventures and campaigns on infinite worlds as the heroes (or villains!) of your own making. The 6S Game System is powerful, universal, and very versatile. Play the stripped down simple version or pick up all the Optional Rules for a more detailed game. Choose a favorite genre, or mix and match like Harsh Realities to create your very own genre mash-up! If you can dream it, 6S can do it!

The 6S Game System book contains full rules for game play from character creation through combat resolution, including full Social Combat and Social Interaction rules, Panic Attacks, Effects, and States, and even rules detailing how to generate Vehicles as characters. It also offers a variety of options for Power User characters, Sample Powers such as Faith, Magic, Psionics, and Sorcery, and a long listing of Sample Abilities to use with the Powers. Character creation offers immense detail potential including Backgrounds, the selection of a Racial Kit, Cultural Kit, and a Profession Kit, and options to further define and make each character unique! The book also offers an extensive Bestiary, which includes Contacts, NPCs, and Villains, and there are Sample Characters ready to play as well!

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