Promised Sands (PS)

Survival of the Fittest Thirsty-F

T'nah is a desert-like planet inhabited by a variety of different people groups each reluctantly coexisting and barely tolerating the other in an effort to survive yet another day under the unbearable, searing gaze of Ashik. It is an unforgiving world. If the elements and people do not take one's salt and water, then the creatures of the world surely will. The daily struggle to survive is nearly the only guarantee on T'nah, but if one should happen to encounter a Maroc or cross the wrong Merchant Lord, they may well discover other certainties instead.

Promised Sands is a dark, desert fantasy genre mash-up Setting that also offers elements of survival horror and post-apocalyptic undertones. It was originally published in 2003 by Bbrack Productions using the Trinary System, but Harsh Realities has re-imagined the world and applied the 6S Game System for a more robust and easier to access game play experience. The world of T'nah offers many character options, including many new Racial Kits, Cultural Kits, and Profession Kits, unique Powers such as Empathy, Ido, and Qai, and plenty of Sample Abilities for each, new Backgrounds, Edges, Flaws, and Qualities, and tons of new world-specific Gear. It also offers several unique Critters, Vehicles, and Villains, as well as a full compliment of Contacts and NPCs, and tons of adventure hooks and plot points to spark adventure. There are many Guilds, Orders, and Religions, and several Secret Societies as well. Though the technology of most of the world is somewhat archaic, access and knowledge of both ancient and modern Otec is held by some, and Otec is highly valued within the Souqs (markets) throughout the lands.

The World of T'nah

Long ago, the great Renizant Empire crumbled and faded until it was little more than a shade of its former glory. Though the Renizant Remnant persist in the modern era, they are little more than pampered lords diminished by the greatness of their ancestors. All power - financial, political, and religious - now lies with the Merchant Lords, and nearly every Merchant Lord belogs to The Trade Guild, one way or another. Even the mighty Ch'ak Hegemony has reluctantly come to heel in this treacherous age of commerce and political skullduggery. Most simply wish to survive though. The Grangers toil in their fields, mills, and workshops, the Yethites continue to profess compassion and teach patience and understanding, the Skulae continue to wander the wilderness, and the Drachen Riders continue to protect what is theirs. Unbeknownst to most, however, the Wet Denizens, humans who can easily blend with the Dry Denizens, are running out of options in their doomed underwater Domed Cities, and have long since put into motion their plans to reclaim the surface world.
T'nah, the Promised Sands, is a world in which alliances shift with the sands, and any precious commodity is worthless without first securing one's salt and water. Knowledge, however, may well be the most precious thing any could possess, and it is this very thing that has been largely lost on T'nah. The true history of the world - and potentially the key to all that has been and all that will be - is still unknown! The times before the great Renizant Empire, before the Maroc Wars, even before The Time of Wrath and the Rain of Fire and Death, may well hold secrets worth more than life itself.

Promised Sands is a rich tableau of cultural, racial, technological diversity upon which to feast. It is foreign and unique, a world unlike any ever seen before. It is a place where the familiar blends with the alien to create something new and unique.

Want to Know More?

Promised Sands is so much more than what you see above. It is a very full world complete with a variety of cultures, peoples, and places as well as a vast history and dangerous future! Please have a look around the site and be sure to follow at both Facebook and Twitter for first hand access to all the latest news and happenings at Harsh Realities!

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