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The Stuff of Legend

Dreams and imagination are the fabric from which fantasy, legend, and myth are woven, but most do not know there is a place where such things collect and congeal into a new form. This place is called Mytharia. A land ripe with endless adventure, dangers untold, intrigue galore, and more riches than any mortal could possibly fathom - if only there were courageous souls able and willing to venture after such things!

The Eye of Onswa

Ages ago the lands and peoples of Mytharia were separate and whole. Then came The Opening of The Eye of Onswa - a global cataclysm that tore the world at its seams, ripped it apart, turned it upside down, and then violently smashed it back upon itself. The Opening made anew both the lands and the peoples of Mytharia. Islands, large and small, now float above The Eye - drifting upon the Sea of Myst as they slowly move around the Circle of Light. The bodies of Mytharia became mixed as well. Crossbloods - those of mixed Heritage - are the common folk, and Purebloods - as rare now as they are bitter, elitist, and prejudiced - jealously grab for power any way they are able.

The Faction Wars

Every body upon Mytharia is part of a Faction, which could mean many things, but ultimately it means each individual is a cog in a much greater mechanism. This mechanism is not physical, but rather something having to do with the unseen realms - the spiritual. Factions can manifest in many ways, but what truly matters to most is how valuable an individual is considered to the heads of each Faction and their Lieutenants. It is not known by what measure these Faction Lords consider, but what is known is that they war with one another constantly, persistently, and violently. To what end or means remains a mystery to mortals, but the compulsion to serve the Faction Lords in their Faction Wars is undeniable. The philosophical lines between good and evil, right and wrong, friend and enemy become increasingly more gray and hazy with each passing day.

Grinders, Aren't We All?

Outside the Faction Wars, however, life continues to grind on as it ever has. The world spins, time passes, trade continues, and Grinders grind out a living. Strings of bones are made and lost daily just as fortune and favor shift with the winds, and dreams - and, well, we all have dreams.

Want to Know More?

Mytharia is a deep concept that goes much further than what can be included in a Setting book. There will be more, but in the meantime, please have a look around the site and be sure to follow at both Facebook and Twitter for first hand access to all the latest news and happenings at Harsh Realities!

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