As Harsh Realities grows, so too will the product library, including a wide variety of wonky genre mash-up Mini-Settings. These products are too large to be one-off adventures, but far too small to be full Setting books, and are often presented as fairly open-ended concepts for Game Masters to make their own.

Invasion of the Fourth Reich (Iot4R)

Iot4R LogoIot4R CoverWithout warning they came out of the clear skies. Black parachutes floating serenely from a sky devoid of aircraft. Little did we know we had already experienced our last peaceful day. We were invaded from another dimension - by Nazis! They were from an alternate reality where the Nazis did not lose WWII.

The Invasion of the Fourth Reich Mini-Setting provides all that is needed for a one-shot adventure, how to spin off that adventure for a short series, and how to build an on-going campaign in a world invaded by Nazis from another dimension. The world of Iot4R is the real world as we know it today with the minor additions of alternate reality technology and cultural influence from Erde, the Earth of the Fourth Reich.


The Blue (TB)

The Blue CoverCreative individuals struggle. It is this struggle, with pain, with misfortune, with the societal pressures to find and cling to some semblance of  normalcy, and the desire to be loved and accepted for who and what they are while knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that attempting to be anything but that would be personality suicide at best and an emotional labotomy at worst. This is the price for insight and talent. This is the demon with which Creatives must wrestle as they aspire to greatness in their chosen field. 

What no one tells you though, is that all these things are by design to hold the Creative in place. To keep them down, away from The Blue, and out of reach of becoming a High Creative - those who can tap The Blue through their discipline to alter small pockets of reality in their immediate vacinity.

The Blue is a modern/supernatural/sci-fi thriller genre mash-up Mini-Setting where Players take on the roles of High Creatives and their compatriots. High Creatives may be disciplined in Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing, or any combination of them, and are persistently hunted and/or recruited by both the mysterious Black Bureau and the Crimson Crossed.



EvoPunk (EP)EP Header

In a grim and gritty dystopic future corporate overlords own and rule all. Citizenship is only gained through status and wealth, leaving the vast majority to a life of indentured servitude as office drones and worse. The Age of Heroes was so long ago it has become the stuff of legend. Today, only outlaws such as Maskrunners don goofy costumes and masks as they infiltrate and sabotage the corporate structure any way they can as long as they are making some credits while they are at it!

EvoPunk is a cyberpunk/supers genre mash-up Mini-Setting where Players take on the roles of Maskrunners, or Maskers, who are technically criminals even though they embody the heroic spirit of yesteryear. Characters can be any variety of super-powered or cybered individuals and will most assuredly run afoul of the law whether they mean to or not!


Want to Know More?

There are many potential Mini-Settings to come, but if you have an idea or are interested in licensing Sixcess (6S) for your own Mini-Setting, please contact Harsh to discuss your idea!

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