About Harsh Realities

Welcome to Harsh Realities, a tabeltop game publisher specializing in roleplaying games using the Sixcess (6S) Game System and genre mash-up Settings and Mini-Settings. The 6S Game System is a simple, easy to learn, 6-sided die, Attribute plus Skill dice pool system that manages to keep dice pools low and excitement high. HR Settings each represent the dark, hopeless struggles found in life, which set the stage nicely for heroes to rise from the ranks to be the light of change and promise. Adventures within these Settings offer Players heroic roles to save the day - or even the world - and possibly even reap some rewards for doing so.

Like most start-up companies, Harsh Realities has faced adversity through every step of its evolution. There was a point not too long ago that demanded HR restructure or dissipate entirely. With two Kickstarters pending, Harsh decided to restructure, rebuild, and rebrand HR so that he could more readily move forward to fulfill the promises made to the Backers before moving beyond those things. Progress has been made and the future is looking bright on all fronts. 

Harsh cartoon

Scott 'Harsh' Harshbarger 

As the primary agent of Harsh Realities, Harsh has stepped into the leadership and visionary roles for all products and business elements of the company. He is also responsible for all the management and production of content, elements, and properties that come together to create each product. Though he enjoys working with freelancers and collaborating from time to time with others, Harsh is currently the sole voice and vision behind everything Harsh Realities.