2015 - A Brave New Year

Scott Harshbarger | Jan 08, 2015

That First Step is a Doozy!

Well, 2014 sucked. That's the lasting impression we here at Harsh Realities will have of it. Illnesses and misfortune were rampant. Consequences and fallout continue to bleed into 2015 as well, but we simply refuse to accept it any longer.

So. Here we go!

For a while now (except a couple weeks during the Holidays) the HR staff have been meeting every Tuesday night on Skype. This has traditionally been just the three principal partners who founded Harsh Realities a few years back, but things have changed recently.
Harsh Realities has had to do some restructuring of late. One of our partners has had to take a step back for a while and Harsh has stepped up to guide the company as best he can with the invaluable support of the bestest aide-de-camp out there. Some additional team building has taken place as well. Thomas Childress has come on-board as the Line Developer for Promised Sands, his lovely fiance, Allyson, has stepped up to offer her services as our Social Media and eMarketing expert, and Joseph DeMarco continues in his capacity as Line Developer for ElfWood. Ren has stepped up as the primary driving force behind #Harshmode Monday, our weekly free download of content ranging from characters to critters to locations to items to plot hoots and possibly more as time goes on! Our current run of #Harshmode Monday issues going through February will feature a fledgling pirate captain and her misfit crew set in ElfWood! We hope you really enjoy these characters as we wrap the line up with Chica's ship and an adventure hook! These issues will be written by Janae Rennaker and mark the first of what we hope will be many entries by fans and new collaborators! If you have an idea for a #Harshmode Monday entry and are willing to work with Ren and the rest of the HR crew to develop it, please contact us at Harsh@harshrealities.org to discuss the idea!

Consistency is Key

Tuesday was a busy night for HR!

We had our first Skype meeting of the year. Harsh was able to speak with all three of our development teams. Plans of attack were discussed, updates on production given, and future plans were penciled in!
Promised Sands is in good hands as the capable and talented Thomas Childress comes on board as the PS Line Developer. His focus is getting the setting book done with style, a solid structure, and making sure to pay proper homage to the original content and developers, while updating it for 6S and cleaning up the content to make it more concise and easier to digest. Rest assured this will be a fresh take on Promised Sands, but true to the original in nearly every way! All the artwork is in and the cover is nearly finished! It won't be long now!!

ElfWood is also in good hands as Joseph DeMarco digs in to the thick of it. He's shouldered a huge task, but seems to be managing admirably. A first draft has been configured, artwork continues to trickle in, and the structure is set. ElfWood is a huge property though. There is a LOT to go through, to be considered, and fit into a limited page count deliverable. We feel we have made proper choices to meet the expectations of the Kickstarter and give fans the best product we can after such a long wait. We hope you will all be impressed with the results!

As stated above, #Harshmode Monday is our weekly free download, but it's more than that. It's a regular deliverable. It's support content for the settings we are currently focused on. It's a learning curve as we attempt to perfect how we produce and deliver what we do. We hope you are enjoying them, but we know it is an invaluable asset to our product catalogue.

Regrets No More

We have stated many times how horribly, terribly awful we feel about how late both Promised Sands and ElfWood are. They both were Kickstarted in 2013. PS funded on Sept. 21, 2013, and EW funded on Dec. 29, 2013. Yes, there were circumstances far beyond our control at work. But that does not change how much we wish we could have and would have met our estimated delivery dates. This is why our only focus right now is to put together the best books as possible. To deliver quality products that will stand the test of time. To deliver something you all will treasure. We are including special surprises and planning ways to at least attempt to make it up to you Backers in some small way. But that's not all. You see, the time spent 'not delivering' these books has helped us in many ways. Skills have been acquired. Better ideas and processes have been employed and developed. Opportunities have been presented and taken. This is not to excuse what has happened by any stretch of the imagination, but it is to say we are making an attempt to see the silver lining in all this. We hope, desperately, this will shine through as clearly as we can see it. Ultimately, we know the way things work though. Show don't tell, right? So this is the last we will say of all this. We wish things were different, but they aren't, so moving forward, we will do the very best we can, and let our products speak for us.


A Distant Rumble

The general feeling amongst the developers is optimism and determination. Harsh is especially enthusiastic about this coming year and what it may hold for Harsh Realities. There seems to be a growing roar thundering across the hills. We intend to catch that wave, amplify it, and ride it into the furture!

What's your appetite for AWESOME?!


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