• Doorways to Adventure!

    Every doorway to adventure requires a key, fortunately 6S is the key to all of them! If you can dream it, 6S can do it! The 6S Game System is powerful, universal, and very versatile. Play the stripped down simple version or pick up all the Optional Rules for a more detailed game. Choose a favorite genre, or mix and match like Harsh Realities to create your very own genre mash-up!

  • Promised Sands

    T'nah is a desert-like planet inhabited by people reluctantly coexisting and barely tolerating one another in an effort to survive yet another day under the unbearable, searing gaze of Ashik. If the elements and people do not take one's salt and water, then the creatures of the world surely will. The struggle to survive is nearly the only guarantee on T'nah, but if one should happen to cross a Maroc or the wrong Merchant Lord, they may well discover other certainties instead.

  • Elfwood

    Lakates is a lush, forested planet dominated by the Vyrden Elven Empire and their Living ElfWood Ships that plied the Scalding Seas unchallenged until the advent of the new dwarven-made ironclad Kupukkas. Tensions have given way to open conflict even as the veil between Lakates and the Shadowrealm thins a little more.

  • Mytharia

    Dreams and imagination are the fabric from which fantasy, legend, and myth are woven, but most do not know there is a place where such things collect and congeal into a new form. This place is called Mytharia. A land ripe with endless adventure, dangers untold, intrigue galore, and more riches than any mortal could possibly fathom - if only there were courageous souls able and willing to venture after such things!

  • Extraordinary Voyages

    The Extraordinary Voyages Setting is not merely a single world, but rather an entire solar system that embraces the romance and simplicity of the past, while coupling it with the hope and promise of the future. Great steamships ply the waters of the Vektran homeworld of Thal while the Queen sends her fleets of massive, steampowered flying battleships off world to defend the full reach of her colonies.

  • Stardust

    StarDust establishments spread throughout the Fringe soon after it was discovered by the original pioneers. They serve as casinos and other forms of entertainments, docking bays, fuel depots, hotels, information hubs, mechanical services, ports, trade depots, way stations, and so much more. A StarDust is sometimes the only glimpse of civilization a 'Byssrider gets, and often enough the only home they will ever know. A StarDust looks mighty bright against the infinite darkness of the 'Byss.

  • Tribulum

    Prophecies from around the world culminate in the daily headlines - yet daily life seemingly continues unhindered and few seem to notice. The veil has thinned and torn. Horrors crawl from the hidden places - the cracks between dimensions - to creep into the mortal realm and prey upon unsuspecting souls. These Darklings dominate and seduce. They manage, populate, and rule corporations, governments, and organizations. The end is not only nigh, it is rapidly approaching!

  • A Dark Rain

    Without warning they came out of the clear skies. Black parachutes floating serenely from a sky devoid of aircraft. Little did we know we had already experienced our last peaceful day. We were invaded from another dimension - by Nazis! They were from an alternate reality where the Nazis did not lose WWII.


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Harsh officially announces the new Harsh Realities, new catalog of products, website reboot, and more!

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Scott Harshbarger | Sep 25, 2016

Harsh talks about his work and plans to clean and update harshrealities.org.

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